Hot Foot

(hät fu̇t)

Someone who is always going somewhere.

Being born and raised on the southernmost Caribbean island Trinidad, I’ve been exposed to a melting pot of races and cultures that can be traced back to Africa, India, Europe, the Middle East and China. I myself am of Syrian, Lebanese and Italian descent. From that grew an insatiable desire for travel and curiosity about different ways of living.

Every time I book a flight, I cringe knowing that I’d be subjected to a lecture from my 95-year-old grandfather who hates flying. He’d scream in a thick Arab accent, “Keep quiet! What the importance for this trip?” Then naturally, he would proceed to call me “hot foot” — which in “Trini” slang refers to someone who can’t stay home. 

By trade, I’m a multimedia journalist. I do it all — writing, photography and videography. So, I figured why not combine the two? (My parents — in addition to my grandfather — are thrilled).

If you’re a fan of swearing, sarcasm and brutal honesty, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find my unfiltered experiences, tips and recommendations that would hopefully inspire you to explore destinations off the beaten path with a less-touristy, more-authentic, sustainable approach. 

The things that I love most include elephants, dark chocolate, my heavy Hydroflask, vinyasa yoga, surfing, cooking with grandmas, charity and conservation work, hiking in dangerous places, and telling the stories of those who are silenced. No matter where I am, I embrace every moment with my whole heart and soul. 

Follow me while I gallivant all over the globe. I promise, you’re in for a ride.

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