I’m Teresa Sabga, a Caribbean-born multimedia journalist that loves travel and food.

My family nickname is “hot foot”: Trinidadian slang for someone who can’t stay home. Since I’m off gallivanting year-round, I figured I’d share some raw, real stories, guides, and itineraries with you.


Whether you eat adventurous or stick to the staples, the perfect meal is never too far.


Home, hotel or hostel? Deciding where you sleep can either make or break your trip.


There’s always something to do and see in every city. Figure out what your next step is.


Thailand’s Popular Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

In the maze of narrow canals, cheap tourist souvenirs are sold everywhere alongside countless colourful trinkets, clothes, deep-fried treats, dried seafood, oodles of noodles and fresh fruits straight from local farms.

Carnevale Weekend in Napoli

Carnival in Italy is very similar to Halloween in America. Parents dress their children in costumes and parade on the streets to celebrate; they don’t drink alcohol half-naked like we do in Trinidad.

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